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Battle Of The Bands

Battle Of The Bands

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34" Early, mid, and late season bloomer.  Distinctive and beautiful bi-colored band on the edge of the falls creates a wonderful multi-colored effect on this late autumn rebloomer.  The falls are accentuated with a white sunburst around the yellow beards which then blends into violet.  The interesting band on the edge of the falls is violet blue on the upper half and yellow brown on the bottom half.  Nicely contrasting ruffled yellow falls are pale cream at the edges.  7 buds on sturdy stalks.  


Hybridizer M. Sutton
Introduction Year 2011
Rebloom Zone z-9
Number of Reblooms 2
Rebloom Reliablity Reliable Rebloom, Late Rebloom
Category Tall Bearded

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