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Berry Delight

Berry Delight

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TB 32” M-L Wonderful coloring!  Pale salmon ground standards are heavily dotted with violet-blue plicata marking that become near solid at the edges. Falls have a soft creamy ground that is touched with a salmon influence at the edges and at the shoulders.  Thin violet-blue band at the edges has some slight dotting on the inner side, very dark violet-blue in the throat is a hidden surprise until you look closely.  Excellent form, vigor and bloom habits, 9 buds and a nice sweet scent.  AM-16/6666-11: Class Ring X Midnight Velvet 

Hybridizer A. MEGO
Introduction Year 2023
Rebloom Zone N/A
Number of Reblooms N/A
Rebloom Reliablity N/A
Category Tall Bearded

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