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Edge of the World

Edge of the World

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A wonderfully distinctive and striking new addition to the reblooming iris field! The Standards (upper petals) are a beautiful blue-violet with gold dusted around the edge. The Falls (lower petals) are near black with dark brick orange beards. 

The thick brown rim on the edge of the standards is gold dusted and contrasts nicely with the blue-violet standards. Near black falls have a slightly lighter area around the dark brick orange beards.


This tall bearded iris is approximately 32" tall and is a mid-to late season bloomer. Fall rebloom has nine buds while spring bloom has 7 to 9. Best seedling of show, Fresno CA 2010. Seedling U-142: S-489: (Snow Melt x Ghio 98-3F) X S-481: (Connie Sue x Ghio 98-3F)


Hybridizer M. Sutton
Introduction Year 2011
Rebloom Zone z-8
Number of Reblooms 2
Rebloom Reliablity Reliable Early Rebloomer
Category Tall Bearded

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