Floating Feather

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Bulk Pricing for 2017 Tall Bearded Introductions
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40” Early, mid and late season bloomer.

Great new space age iris from Anton Mego!    Ruffled and serrated dresden yellow standards (upper petals) are lightly brushed green at the midribs.  Pale violet blue falls (lower petals) have a slightly darker area extending down from the yellow beards.  Large upturned flounces mirror the fall color even down to the nicely ruffled edges.  Very tall stalks with 7 to 9 buds. 

Seedling AM-09/3888-14: Zlatovlaska X Silk Road.


Hybridizer A. Mego
Introduction Year 2017
Rebloom Zone N/A
Number of Reblooms N/A
Rebloom Reliablity N/A
Category Tall Bearded

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