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TB 34” M-L. Garden visitor favorite since maiden bloom.  Bright yellow standards are veined yellow with yellow edges and are touched bright white near the edges.  Complicated patterning on the bright white falls.  Purple markings begin 3/4 of the way down the falls and include some intermixed yellow markings.  An inner 1/2” rim of grayed orange blends into a 1/2” naples yellow rim with a grayed orange wire rim at the edges.  Bright yellow shoulders surround the bright yellow beards.  7 buds on good stalks with a strong sweet scent  Seedling Z-17-A: W-295-A: (Fall Enterprise x Jazz Band X Cold Fusion.

Hybridizer M. Sutton
Introduction Year 2018
Rebloom Zone N/A
Number of Reblooms N/A
Rebloom Reliablity N/A
Category Tall Bearded

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