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Winter Haven

Winter Haven

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TB 36” M-L.  Ruffled white standards and ice white falls provide a perfect backdrop for the strong violet blue markings around vivid orange beards!  Frosty and warm at the same time!  Great stalks with 7 to 9 buds and slight spicy scent. Seedling AM-12/4720-11: (AM-03/1250-1: ((AM-99/0393-2: (Acoma x Twilight Blaze) x AM:-99/0387-1: (Twilight Blaze x Conjuration)) x Perfect Lady) X True Patriot ..$55 
Hybridizer A. Mego
Introduction Year 2020
Rebloom Zone N/A
Number of Reblooms N/A
Rebloom Reliablity N/A
Category Tall Bearded

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